Hardware Design

Below are some of the steps I take to research and design hardware solutions.


Customizable, reusable tissue box

I invented and prepared for market launch a reusable and customizable Puffs Tissue box. I ideated hardware and instructional concepts, worked with an ID agency, Anza, to build SLAs, and collected feedback in focus groups that I moderated so I could iterate in SolidWorks during the groups.

Received my first patent for my “squiggle aperture”.


Applicator UX Design

Working with business and product objectives, I created the experience objectives for Dexcom at the beginning of the project. I sought approval/buy-in from the development functions when "shiny new objects" show up later on in the project; I remind them that these are our agreed-to goals.

At one point, we needed to decide on color of the applicator. Here I scored the color options against our agreed-to UX goals.

Even though I preferred the green option, I could not endorse it as it did not meet our goals as well as the dark gray option.

We went with the dark gray and received numerous design awards.

G5 applicator on left; G4 on right

Video camera hardware and website design

I managed an external agency, Southern California Design Company, for the hardware.

I prototyped the accompanying website prototype in Sketch.

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